Nutraceutical / Food Supplements

Primary Packaging

We carry out the products transmission to secondary packaging via through-wall bushings

Food Supplements Manufacturing and Packaging Lines working according SOPs in a Pharmaceutical GMPs. We are ISO 22000 and Food Supplements GMPs Certified and FDA registered

Two Counters with Double Head for Capsules, Tablets and Softgels- 8.000 units/hour  »Play Video

Flask/ Container Filling + topping 1.000-2.000 units/hour

Topping line

Blistering – 5.000 units/hour

Liquids Bottling – 2.500 units/hour

Bottle Cleaning by compressed – aspiration air or Nitrogen injection and high precision peristaltic pumps filling

Double Pick & Place for plugging and capping

Automatic plugging and capping by high-precision camera

Sachets and Sticks Manufacturing Lines working in a Pharmaceutical GMPs environment

Stick Filling- 20.000 units/hour   »Play Video

Monodose Sachets Filling, Single and Double – 10.000 units/hour  »Play Video